Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator

BTC Nitro is a fast bitcoin transaction accelerator which allows you to accelerate BTC transactions by reducing the time taken waiting for confirmations.

Enter your Transaction ID (TXID) to get started:


> Accelerate confirmations

> Transaction goes into mining pools

> Fastest acceleration

> Premium transaction support

> Pay with Bitcoin (no wait time)

> 24hr Money Back Guarantee


Rebroadcast your transaction through public blockchain nodes as well as BTC Nitro’s own private nodes. 

This may free-up your transaction if it has become stuck or dropped from the mempool.

Christopher Mingyu Chan
Christopher Mingyu Chan
Super helpful My BTC transaction was stuck because I set too low fees, even lower than what BTC Nitro could usually help with the Premium service. But I contacted them via email, and they even managed to accelerate it maunally for FREE. They are really pro at what they do, and provide a top quality of service.
Carlos Aguilar
Carlos Aguilar
Premium version is great! I just tried the premium version, great user experience and super fast confirmation of my transaction. 100% recommendable.
Laura Gómez Fernandez
Laura Gómez Fernandez
Feels like magic! Feels like magic, my transaction wouldn’t get confirmed for days so I tried the premium feature. I was not sure if it would help, but just a few minutes ago I got an email from BTC Nitro saying that it was already confirmed! Thank you so much!!
Does what it says Does what it says! Super helpful!
Agnieszka Awrejcewicz
Agnieszka Awrejcewicz
Thank you so much!! Thank you so much! My transaction was stuck for days so I decided to try the premium acceleration option because I was desperate. I got it confirmed in 2 hours!!!
José Carlos
José Carlos
Premium version is even better! After a few months of using their excellent free boosting service, today I could try out the new premium acceleration service. My tx got confirmed in 27 minutes! Great job and thank you very much to all the BTC Nitro team 🙂
Apes Together Strong
Apes Together Strong
My tx went unconfirmed for 3 days… My tx went unconfirmed for 3 days because of low fees but was confirmed immediately I contacted btc nitro and it's free of charge just send your tx
Zero Point Zero
Zero Point Zero
I am grateful I am grateful! Used there service and couldn’t be happier. My btc was stuck and now confirmed!! It really works. Thank you very much.
Camila Aira
Camila Aira
Go BTC Nitro! I got my TX confirmed after more than one week of waiting. 3 hours after using BTC nitro and it’s done!
Anna Riley
Anna Riley
As described really good system. Just works like it says it will.

How it Works

Every time you make a Bitcoin transaction i.e send or receive BTC from or to a wallet, your transaction is ‘broadcast’ on to the blockchain.

This tells miners that your transaction is ready and waiting for processing and, once processed, it is then marked as ‘confirmed’. It is usually these confirmations that you are waiting for when you spend your BTC because they act as proof that your Bitcoin was actually sent and received.

BTC Nitro will rebroadcast your transaction across a number of global Bitcoin ‘nodes’ which will place it back in the queue and remind miners that it is ready for processing. Our Premium service shortcuts this because we will automatically add it to the next block being mined by our network partners.

Say goodbye to long wait times
with BTC Nitro Premium

BTC Nitro

What is Premium?

Jump the queue! With our Premium service, we will automatically add your transaction to the next block being mined by one or more of our network partners. You can expect your first confirmation in as little as one hour, however during busy periods, this can take longer. Worst case, we GUARANTEE that your transaction will be confirmed in no more than 24 hours or we’ll refund your fee in full, no questions asked. 

In order to accelerate your transaction we charge a $25 fee, payable in Bitcoin which we verify within seconds. You will then be shown live updates of your transaction being processed and will be notified when it’s been confirmed.

Have a question about Premium? Contact our support directly: BTC Nitro Support

How Long Will I Wait for Confirmations?

Like so many technical things, the answer is ‘it depends’. There are a few variables to consider such as how busy the blockchain network is and how high (or low) your chosen fee was when you sent your Bitcoin.

The important thing to know is, that in 97% of cases, you will wait less time if you accelerate your transaction here than if you don’t! In some cases, transactions that have been waiting days for a confirmation get their first confirmation within 3-4 minutes after using this service. In fact, many people just send their Bitcoin with a low fee, then immediately give it a boost with BTC Nitro to save money.

How Often Can I use the Service?

For the free rebroadcasting service, we limit the frequency to once every six hours per individual transaction. Our nearest competitor a) only has 4 nodes that are actually working and b) limits you to once every 8 hours.

What Details do you Collect?

The only thing the system need is your transaction ID. This information is anonymous and freely available anyway. We don’t keep any other records…because we don’t need to. If you want email updates for the Premium service, you have the option of providing any email address you wish and we’ll keep you informed on the status of your acceleration.

What Makes BTC Nitro Different?

Premium Service
There are other websites that will include your transaction in a block being mined but they are much more expensive to use. Their fees can vary from anything between $50 and $600 USD! BTC Nitro makes the process simple and predictable with a flat fee of $25, payable in Bitcoin.

Free Service
While there are other services that claim to do the same thing, many of them don’t actually work and some are even an outright scam. If you use Google Chrome and inspect the network console, you’ll see that many of the nodes they use are actually down, the API is broken or not configured properly. Transactions accelerated by BTC Nitro are checked each time and if any node fails to respond, we’ll use one of our own 5 private nodes that we know is online 24/7. That way, every transaction will be rebroadcast from 10 globally dispersed, full blockchain nodes.

You could visit each node or website individually and paste in your TXID but BTC Nitro just makes it simple and connects to all of them with a single click.

Industry news

Monthly Crypto News: August 2021

Malaysian Authorities Latest to Take Action Against Binance

Malaysia hit BinanceThis month Malaysia’s Securities Commission came down hard on Binance and issued a “public reprimand” against the company for “continuing to operate illegally in Malaysia” according to their press release.

The news follows hot on the heels of a warning issued in July 2019, which means that Binance have precisely two weeks to cease all operations in the country; including taking down their website as well as removing access to mobile apps. The exchange must also halt any advertising campaigns they may have had live at the time.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, a spokesperson from Binance stated

“We do not operate out of Malaysia. Binance takes a collaborative approach in working with regulators in navigating this emerging industry and we take our compliance obligations very seriously. We are actively keeping abreast of changing policies, rules, and laws in this new space,”

If anyone’s going to be made a scapegoat, it looks like the authorities of many countries have decided that it should be Binance. Malaysia joins Japan, Thailand and Singapore in the region as counter-advocates of the exchange. Further afield, The US, UK, Germany and Poland have also issued legal orders against the firm.

Google Reverses Decision on Crypto Related Ads

google reverses crypto banBack in June 2018. Google made the decision to disallow promotion of crypto related websites and services through it’s Adwords network. As of August 3rd, that decision has been modified allowing certain business to once again advertise on the worlds largest ad network platform…with some strict rules put in place. Essentially, Google want to benefit from ad revenue from these services, without unwittingly promoting scam websites.

However; the whole industry remains in flux. Just as Google takes one step in the right direction, Chinese social platform TikTok banned crypto related advertising on their platform in July.

Uruguay paving the way to Crypto Payments

Crypto in UruguayWhilst turmoil reigns in the world’s leading markets when it comes to acceptance of crypto assets, Latin America continues to strive for progression in the region. Last week, Juan Satori spearheaded the introduction of a bill designed to push adoption of crypto in LATAM. Not just small steps either – the bills calls out the recognition and legal validity of its use in any lawful business; including acceptance of crypto as a “valid means of payment”.

The bill doesn’t stretch quite as far as the steps taken in El Salvador which proposed crypto become legal tender in the same was as fiat currencies, but no doubt strengthens the position and adoption rate of currencies including Bitcoin in the region. Uruguay now joins Paraguay and Panama that aim to adopt crypto at the nation state level. Which LATAM country will be next?


This Week in Crypto: Elon Musk Saga Drags on, Binance in IRS, DOJ Spotlight

Fallout from Elon’s Bitcoin Drop

Elon Musk Bitcoin impactJust when many had thought that Elon Musk had become the new ambassador of Bitcoin, his EV company drops Bitcoin as a payment option. But why?

Simply put, Tesla is all about reduce reduce the eco-impact of it’s products and the energy-heavy mining of Bitcoin is at odds with that vision. BTC is widely being reported as an energy hog with a big environmental impact – one that threatens the currencies long term prospects.

The fallout was a rapid decline to the $46k price-point for BTC, despite a couple of breakout attempts in the days following Elon’s announcement. Unsurprisingly, Dogecoin (DOGE) was the winner this week as we watched it climb 22 points shortly after Elon announced that he was collaborating with network to improve the efficiency of the asset’s transaction network.

‘’Working with Doge devs to improve system transaction efficiency’’

Doge, which started as ‘jokecoin’ featuring a Japanese Shibu Ino dog as its mascot, has recently seen higher highs thanks to support offered by Elon Musk and mega-exchange Coinbase; promising to list the currency within the next two moths.

IRS Set to Investigate Binance

Binance irs investigationRumours this week indicate that Binance, the second largest crypto exchange, has fallen in the crosshairs for joint investigation by both the Inland Revenue Service and Department of Justice in the US. Allegations that their exchange is nurturing illegal trading by its users in the United States.

“We take our legal obligations very seriously and engage with regulators and law enforcement in a collaborative fashion,” said Binance spokeswoman Jessica Jung.

Although an official public announcement confirming the investigation has yet to be made, the rumour started from a credible source and the ripple effect was quickly felt. Bitcoin dropped 3.8% while Ethereum witnessed a 5% drop once the story made front page on several leading news outlets.

The revelation follows hot on the heels of a recent story that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission was also investigating Binance back in March.

Digital Yuan Ramps up

HKMA Digital YuanFollowing a successful pilot by the HKMA (Hong Kong Monetary Authority), expansion talks are in progress between Hong Kong and China. The next phase of the Digital Yuan (e-CNY), is set to scale out to incorporate cross-border payments.

“We have tested the use of the related app, system connectivity and certain use cases such as cross-boundary purchases,” said a spokesperson for the HKMA.

The PBOC (People’s Bank of China) is has a significant lead over many central banks as it races towards creating its own digital currency. The primary aim of the Digital Yuan is to replace cash and coins whilst maintaining control of the local digital currency market which has becoming increasingly driven by large corporate firms.

Unlike most crypto-currencies, the Digital Yuan is a centralised entity and thus has received some negative press from many crypto enthusiasts and market analysts.