Paxful Ceaces Operations
Bitcoin peer-to-peer exchange platform Paxful has announced that it is suspending its operations for an indefinite period. Co-founder of the Africa-focused Bitcoin exchange platform, Ray Youssef, cited a personnel crisis and growing regulatory challenges as reasons for the decision, but also confirmed that a lawsuit filed by one of Paxful’s co-founders was a major reason for the closure. Customers are encouraged to withdraw their funds from their Paxful wallets.

Macs Include Hidden Bitcoin white paper
A technologist accidentally found a copy of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper on their Apple Mac computer and claims that a PDF version of the document has been included in every Mac since 2018. Technologist Andy Biao says users can simply open the terminal and enter a command to find it. I tried it myself by clicking through folders on my own Mac and yes, it’s there! Apple has not commented on this discovery.

Price of Ether rises ahead of major upgrade
Ether is trading at a nine-month high ahead of a major network upgrade. After April 12, a blockchain upgrade for Ethereum called “Shapella” will allow holders to withdraw their staked Ether. So far, investors had to use centralized exchanges or DeFi protocols to exchange their locked Ether for an equivalent value.

Value of Trump NFTs rises after sale
The sale of Donald Trump’s digital trading cards has skyrocketed after news of his indictment in New York. Official digital trading cards of Trump have seen an increase in demand, with higher prices for some of the rarest cards.

Regulatory concerns fail to slow Bitcoins expansion
Binance will be forced to shut down its derivatives business in Australia after Australian regulators revoked Binance’s derivatives license. The ASIC review came after Binance confirmed that some private investors had been incorrectly classified as large investors. Despite current legal issues with regulators around the world, Binance announced that it would be expanding its services in Argentina, allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly in Argentine pesos.

Twitter Logo Changed to Doge Shiba Inu
Elon Musk changed the Twitter logo to that of meme coin Dogecoin, which features a Shiba Inu, leading to a 20% increase in the memecoin’s price in one day. The Doge logo appeared on Twitter two days after Musk asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit accusing him of involvement in a Dogecoin pyramid scheme.