Blockchain Scaleability Problem

At its root, the blockchain is essentially a distributed ledger where every node in the blockchain keeps its own copy of this ledger. The idea here, is to minimise the chances of the ledger becoming corrupted by someone or group of people taking part in the network. This however, poses a challenge. As every service, computer or node has to keep its own copy, they all need to be synchronised at some point and, in order to do so, each node must process every transaction that occurs on the blockchain.

As the number of people using Bitcoin (or more specifically,  the blockchain) increases, the amount of processing required to compute all these transactions increases. It is the ‘miners’ who process these transactions and, like most people, don’t do this for free. That’s why, whenever you send Bitcoin from one wallet to another, you must include a fee (or should). This fee is the payment a miner will receive when they process your transaction for you. Now, the user (you) is left to decide what that fee should be at the time of sending. Most wallets will calculate that value for you but it is possible to set it too low and end up waiting a very long time for your transaction to be confirmed. Many sites that accept Bitcoin require a number of ‘confirmations’ before they’ll accept that the Bitcoin you sent them is a) yours and b) arrived.

Unfortunately, calculating this fee isn’t always easy. The amount you should include as a fee will vary depending on a number of factors, such as how busy the network (blockchain) is at the time. Set the fee too low, and you’ll be stuck in a queue waiting for longer than you might like. This queue is known as the ‘mempool’ and is a list of Blockchain transactions awaiting confirmation/processing by miners.

To reduce this time, you should set a fee that is realistic and meets your expectations of how long you’re prepared to wait. What that fee should be is the subject of another article – for now, we’ll stick to talking about the Blockchain Scalability problem. Part of this problem has been alleviated by the Lightning Network but in reality, it’s rarely as fast as it sounds. If you end up including to lower fee for the current state of the network then you still end up waiting longer that you’d like. There are a few technical solutions to this but they do require an understanding of blockchain principles. These methods include RBF (or Replace By Fee) and CPFP (Child Pays For Parent). If you don’t want to get involved with the technicalities, and have already included a fee of at least 0.0001 BTC/KB, then BTC Nitro can help accelerate your Bitcoin transaction.

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Our Feedback

Amir Abid
Amir Abid
I think this accelerator is legit and legit. I requested them to accelerate my transaction id : a57ab0dd3a315d1767291dc65c7e5b3bea4a217f984757ea66a8f67b1ffb27c2 they are great and I am sure they will help me with this stuck transaction again Edit : Wow after few minutes from my post , My transaction got confirmations!! Thank you guys for your awesome work
Will Lunsford
Will Lunsford
Utilized this service to unstick 2 mo tx. The issue was resolved within 1 hr. I also didn't have to pay anything while other services wanted to charge $200-$300. Will def use again in the future!
Michelle Harris
Michelle Harris
Helped me out of a very tricky situation. Thank you so much!!
alan abraham
alan abraham
I see your site and i like that. if you want to sell bitnitro contact me on my website boss courses i'll buy it from you :)
John Eusse
John Eusse
I highly recommend this service to everyone. Great customer service and extremely helpful. Thanks a lot guys
Balaji L
Balaji L
I think it works... couple of trns got picked up.... promoted to 5 stars... 😎😁
It seems to work. After 4 days of waiting for confirmation of the transaction (I chose a low fee of 15 sat. per byte). It worked out on the third attempt (20 minutes after using the accelerator).
Naina Nasir
Naina Nasir
This is a great find! Super quick and easy to use too if you're looking to speed things up when sending/receiving Bitcoin
Robert Harrison
Robert Harrison
Perfect, thanks.
btc accelerator review

Article: Bitcoin stuck in mempool

A few hours later it got confirmed, but I think thanks to a bitcoin accelerator that I found and used.
Should have looked before. This thing worked like a miracle. Next time if something like this happens I will be smarter. 😉

[link to full article…]

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