What Are Bitcoin Transaction Fees?

Bitcoin Transaction Fees

A Bitcoin transaction fee usually refers to the amount of Bitcoin that we pay to miners when we transfer to another bitcoin address. Transaction fees are pretty straight forward once you know what they are and how to use them. However, in order to properly understand how these fees work, we need to first understand […]

How we can (and can’t) help you with Bitcoin/Blockchain

Bitcoin Service Requests

Since launching about a year ago, the number of emails we receive asking for help with bitcoin transactions has steadily increased to about 50 per day. Many of these are requests for help with stuck transactions, where the transaction is still unconfirmed despite using BTC Nitro to accelerate them (for free). So…a couple of things […]

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

Bitcoin Wallet

Welcome to Part 2 of our Beginners Series!  In Part 1, we answered the question: What is Bitcoin? Well, if you’re reading this then you already know the answer to that question and are interested in learning what a wallet is and why people use them. We’ll also talk about the different kinds of wallet […]

What IS Bitcoin?

What is bitcoin?

Welcome to the first part of our Bitcoin Learner Series. In this series, we’ll cover many topics right from Bitcoin beginner basics, through to more advanced concepts related to mining, wallets, trading and development. Don’t worry though – we’re going to use plain English all the way and avoid technical terms as much as possible…even […]

Bitcoin Transactions: 3 Scams to Avoid

bitcoin thieves

With the price of Bitcoin (BTC) having increased significantly in recent months (at the time of writing) and the blockchain network busier than ever, thieves, tricksters and fraudsters are all cashing in on the boom. In this article, we look at the top three Bitcoin scams commonly seen today and you can avoid being the […]

Blockchain Scaleability Problem

blockchain scaling problem

At its root, the blockchain is essentially a distributed ledger where every node in the blockchain keeps its own copy of this ledger. The idea here, is to minimise the chances of the ledger becoming corrupted by someone or group of people taking part in the network. This however, poses a challenge. As every service, […]

How to Buy Bitcoin in the UK

buying bitcoin

The bitcoin crypto currency has grown to be enormously popular during the last several months and the demand keeps on growing. There are several possible ways to acquire the virtual money – the potential buyer only needs to figure the optimal way to do it – online through an exchange, via marketplace or in person […]

LiteCoin – The Most Successful Bitcoin Alternative?

bitcoin alternative

Litecoin is a digital crypto-currency created as an alternative to the bitcoin virtual cash. Incepted in 2011 by a guy named Charles Lee, its popularity has intensively grown rising the price of one litecoin in 400% and making it worth about 50 USD as of the time of writing. Based on bitcoin protocol, the litecoin […]

Opinion: Does Bitcoin Need State Approval in the US?

bitcoin state approval

Many users of BTC Nitro and bitcoiners in general are divided as to the significance and a full array of possible ramifications of the official recognition of Bitcoin. On the one hand, there are those who insist that, to be widely accepted, Bitcoin should be introduced to the masses as simply being an alternative to […]

The Value of Bitcoin

The Value of Bitcoin

It is worth repeating, as even some advocates of monetary freedom seem confused about it – the value of Bitcoin is a function of its monetary qualities. One a currency is deemed to be better than another one, not because it’s been provided and supported by authorities but rather because of its usefulness, that is […]