Bitcoin dips below $26K following bear market sentement

The largest cryptocurrency by market cap fell by more than 8% on Saturday (17th of August), triggering almost $1,000,000 in liquidations and sparking fresh fears of a new bear market trend. Following the previous week’s gradual negative price action, BTC dropped a further 9% in less than 15 minutes, seeing the price briefly drop to […]

June 26th 2023

Binance considers UAE as possible headquartersThe UAE is looking promising as a base for company’s operations according to Dubai GM Alex Chehade. Cointelegraph, who spoke to them directly reported that Chehade said that the UAE’s favorable stance on digital assets would make the country a great location for businesses operating in the crypto sector. A […]

April 2023 Update

New mining pool added We’re super excited to have added another mining pool to our network, with approximately ~20 EH/s. This means fee-paying customers will wait even less time for their transactions to be confirmed. Rebroadcasting becoming less useful The vast majority of wallets now have an auto-rebroadcast feature built into them. This means that […]

March 1st 2023

Hong Kong aims to become cryptocurrency hub The Hong Kong Monetary Authority stated in a letter that banks should support regulated cryptocurrency activities with their legitimate need for bank accounts. The regulator said that credit institutions should avoid a wholesale de-risking approach that would discourage potential participants, and called on institutions to train employees and […]

April 29th 2023

Intel Ceases Production of Mining Focussed Chips The electronics giant recently stopped producing its Bitcoin mining chip series called Blockscale. Customers can still order new chips, but shipping will end in April 2024. Intel’s initial entry into the Bitcoin mining chip market came at an inopportune time, as the chips became available just as Bitcoin […]

April 8th 2023

Paxful Ceaces Operations Bitcoin peer-to-peer exchange platform Paxful has announced that it is suspending its operations for an indefinite period. Co-founder of the Africa-focused Bitcoin exchange platform, Ray Youssef, cited a personnel crisis and growing regulatory challenges as reasons for the decision, but also confirmed that a lawsuit filed by one of Paxful’s co-founders was […]

April 2nd 2023

Ledger raises 100 million euros Ledger, the market leader in hardware wallets for securely storing digital assets offline, has raised $109 million in its latest funding round, bringing its valuation to $1.4 billion. Ledger is said to have benefited from the recent industry crises as hodlers became nervous about leaving their assets in the custody […]