How we can (and can’t) help you with Bitcoin/Blockchain

Since launching about a year ago, the number of emails we receive asking for help with bitcoin transactions has steadily increased to about 50 per day. Many of these are requests for help with stuck transactions, where the transaction is still unconfirmed despite using BTC Nitro to accelerate them (for free). So…a couple of things to be aware of here:

1. We don’t own the blockchain

It would be cool if we did…but we don’t. By design, the blockchain is decentralised meaning that no single person, government or private entity can dictate how it’s used, how it works or what happens on it. All we have is a handful of nodes connected to the blockchain, a bit like  how you probably have couple of computers connected to the Internet. You use it, but you don’t own it. What does this mean to us? It means that we can’t force anything unnatural to happen such as magically clearing a stuck transaction that’s been in the mempool for 2 weeks because you used 5 sat/byte miner fees when you sent some bitcoin to Coinbase. In fact, the vast majority of emails we receive say things like:

please can you confirm my transaction I sent last week. It’s still saying unconfirmed in my wallet and I think this website is a scam

Really? And yet when we look in the blockchain explorer we can see that you sent the equivalent of $500 using almost zero fees! Unfortunately this means that nobody can really assist you here (or at least not free of charge). Also it’s not a scam because we didn’t charge you anything or display any ads. In fact, our free service is exactly that…a best effort to rebroadcast your transaction with not guarantees that it will work. Now, if your transaction has been dropped from the mempool, our accelerator will help bring it back to life but as we don’t own the blockchain, we can’t force miners to confirm your transaction (at least not at the time of writing).

2. We’re not a developer support forum
Another common request we get is for help with troubleshooting your blockchain apps. We’re simply too busy building our own to become the blockchain’s official support forum! Please don’t send us emails with dozens of screenshots asking for help with troubleshooting your code as we won’t be able to reply with anything useful. There are plenty of places where you can get help fixing your broken scripts and some great resources such as We recommend you try getting help there…even we get ideas from members of that forum.

3. We’re ad free…at least for now
The next most common request we get is asking us for advert space. We offer a free service that will always be free. If one day we don’t feel like covering the costs or running BTC Nitro anymore, then we may be forced to put up ads. But we can promise you now that it won’t be for your pr0n or gambling website…we’ll only select high quality, bitcoin or blockchain relevant service providers to link to.

End of rant! We love bitcoin, we love blockchain and we love our users. We’re always here to help with accelerating your transactions using the tools on the homepage but please think about what you’re asking for before you email us. Some things are simply not possible 🙂

The BTC Nitro Team

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Our Feedback

Amir Abid
Amir Abid
I think this accelerator is legit and legit. I requested them to accelerate my transaction id : a57ab0dd3a315d1767291dc65c7e5b3bea4a217f984757ea66a8f67b1ffb27c2 they are great and I am sure they will help me with this stuck transaction again Edit : Wow after few minutes from my post , My transaction got confirmations!! Thank you guys for your awesome work
Will Lunsford
Will Lunsford
Utilized this service to unstick 2 mo tx. The issue was resolved within 1 hr. I also didn't have to pay anything while other services wanted to charge $200-$300. Will def use again in the future!
Michelle Harris
Michelle Harris
Helped me out of a very tricky situation. Thank you so much!!
alan abraham
alan abraham
I see your site and i like that. if you want to sell bitnitro contact me on my website boss courses i'll buy it from you :)
John Eusse
John Eusse
I highly recommend this service to everyone. Great customer service and extremely helpful. Thanks a lot guys
Balaji L
Balaji L
I think it works... couple of trns got picked up.... promoted to 5 stars... 😎😁
It seems to work. After 4 days of waiting for confirmation of the transaction (I chose a low fee of 15 sat. per byte). It worked out on the third attempt (20 minutes after using the accelerator).
Naina Nasir
Naina Nasir
This is a great find! Super quick and easy to use too if you're looking to speed things up when sending/receiving Bitcoin
Robert Harrison
Robert Harrison
Perfect, thanks.
btc accelerator review

Article: Bitcoin stuck in mempool

A few hours later it got confirmed, but I think thanks to a bitcoin accelerator that I found and used.
Should have looked before. This thing worked like a miracle. Next time if something like this happens I will be smarter. 😉

[link to full article…]

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