Refund Information

Our Refund Guarantee

Once you have paid for your transaction (TX) accelerate, we submit it directly to our partner mining pools for confirmation. If, after 24 hours, the TX you wanted to accelerate hasn’t had at least one confirmation, then you are eligible for a refund of the $25 fee you paid us (repaid in BTC, not cash).

How to Claim a Refund

The process of claiming a refund is simple. Visit our support page and select Refund request from the drop down selector menu:

BTC Nitro Refund selector box

and press ‘Next’.

On the next page, you will need to provide some details and confirm a few things:

Your email address
We need this in order to send you details of your refund transaction including a link where you can track the progress of your refund.

This is the transaction that you were originally trying to accelerate.

Proof of Payment
Use this field to provide the TXID of your payment to BTC Nitro. This proves that you are a paying customer.
⚠️ Please do not input links to other websites or blockchain explorers – just the 64 character TXID. If you include any other information in this box, it will trigger our spam filters, causing your refund request to fail.

Your BTC wallet address
Please use this field to give us the exact address of your crypto wallet that can accept Bitcoin (BRC-20). This is where your refund, in bitcoin, will be sent.
⚠️ Only provide regular Bitcoin (BRC-20 token) wallet addresses as this is where your refund will be sent. If you enter this incorrectly, or provide a wallet on another network, your refund payment will be lost and cannot be recovered.

Once you have completed these fields, press Submit to send your refund request. We try to process these as quickly as possible between 8am and 8pm Central European Time, 7 days/week.


How much will be refunded?

  • We will refund the amount you paid to us in bitcoin, minus the transaction fee. For this reason, you may want to wait until fees are low before claiming your refund as this can significantly reduce the amount you receive or the time you will wait to receive your refund. We always send refunds with a ‘low fee’ but will accelerate the refund transaction automatically to reduce the amount of time you need to wait.
  • The fee you used to send your original payment is non-refundable and is considered to be the ‘cost’ of sending transactions on the bitcoin blockchain, which everyone is subject to.


Refund Terms & Conditions

Our refund terms are provided on the payment page, before you submit your payment to us. By using the service, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions:

✅  You must have waited at least 24 hours since making your payment before you can claim refund.

✅  The payment transaction you made to us, must have at least one confirmation. Without this, we technically don’t have access to your payment yet and don’t have anything we can refund.

❌  If you tried to accelerate a transaction that itself had unconfirmed parent input transactions, then we can only work on your transactions once the parent inputs have themselves been confirmed. Because we are not in control of the parent transactions or how long they take to confirm, the 24 hour guarantee will not be applied.

❌  Your payment transaction must not have been modified using Replace by Fee (RBF) or been invalidated in any other way. If your payment transaction becomes invalid then no refund will be provided.