Step 2: Paying for Your Acceleration

After completing Step 1, you will be presented with a page containing the payment details for your acceleration. This page might take a moment to appear, be patient.

Once the payment details appear, you will be shows the amount of bitcoin you need to send to pay for your acceleration (a) along with a wallet address to send payment to. Open your crypto wallet app or login to your trading platform and create a payment or transfer for the displayed amount and send it to the wallet address shown on the screen. For your convenience, you can simply click the wallet address to copy it the clipboard so you can easily paste it into your wallet address or browser. We also provide a QR code that you can scan from a mobile device which has the payment amount and wallet address embedded within it (b).

It is important to read the notes on this page before continuing. Once you are happy with the terms and conditions and you’ve sent your payment from your wallet, press the button that says I Have Sent My Payment. (c) You should only press this button once.

Bitcoin Accelerator step 2