Learning about Bitcoin from the Source

As with anything the best bet is to start at the source. In this case the source is bitcoin.org

The first thing I did is watch the video on YouTube. You can find basics like the benefits of using Bitcoin (direct payments from user to user without a bank, lower transaction fees, useful in every country, accounts can not be frozen, no prerequisites or limits) as well as how the network is P2P and decentralized. It only takes maybe an hour to learn the basic elements of Bitcoin so I suggest starting there.

Next I read the entire Getting Started with bitcoin at bitcoin.com but focused on the How To Use Bitcoin section. This includes reading through “Some thing you need to know”, checking out the different wallet options, looking at the exchange options, and looking through the list of merchants that accept Bitcoin. At this point I felt like I had a basic overview of Bitcoin its self but wanted learn more about how it works in detail. Questions that come to mind are things like “Who started this?” ” Who is making money off this?” “How safe is Bitcoin to use?” “how can I accelerate bitcoin” and more.

Next step was to read the FAQ section on Bitcoin.org. Here are the frequently asked questions so I figured a lot of the questions I have still can be answered there. After reading it I realized this is one of the most informative pages on their site. I highly recommend everyone reading the whole thing. I could repost some of the main point on here, but one – thats a waste of my time, and two it wont benefit anyone if they don’t take the time to read through the entire page.

Finally while reading over the FAQ it linked to the original white paper the creator Satoshi Nakamoto wrote on the the concept of Bitcoin . Its 9 pages long, but if your going to potentially invest in a technology its good to grasp what the creator intended with it.