Need help? Please see a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Why is my Bitcoin transaction is slow/stuck/unconfirmed?
When you send bitcoin, your wallet or other application broadcasts the transaction to the blockchain and you normally have to wait for some time before your transaction is ‘confirmed’ by a miner. Before this happens however, your transaction is added to a queue where miners can select the transaction that will be added to the next block they mine. This queue is called the mempool.

If you used a low fee when sending your transaction, you will have to wait longer because your transaction is less profitable to mine than others. If you’re in no hurry, then this can be ok if you don’t mind waiting. However in some cases, you may find you are waiting for longer than you’d hoped and your transaction can actually be ‘dropped’. When this happens, BTC Nitro can help by rebroadcasting your transaction across the blockchain.

Why isn’t my transaction showing  on the blockchain?
The simple answer here is that your transaction isn’t on the blockchain. This could be because when you sent a transaction and your computer/wallet/application didn’t have internet access or, there was some application error that is caused the transaction to be sent in the wrong way. When a properly functioning wallet with access to the blockchain sends a transaction, it will appear on the blockchain (in the mempool) within a few seconds. Until it appears on the blockchain, there is nothing you can do to accelerate your transaction.

What happens if my transaction NEVER gets confirmed?
Sometimes, no miner will select your transaction from the mempool (especially when average fees are high and the blockchain is busy). This could happen for example if you sent your transaction with zero miner fee. Eventually, the transaction will timeout, will be dropped from the blockchain and your bitcoin will be returned to the senders wallet. Please be aware that this could sometimes take between 2 and 4 weeks – and we’re not able to speed up that process because we don’t own the blockchain!

Can you add my transaction to the blockchain?
Currently we can only rebroadcast your transaction; however we are working with a number of mining pools and looking for a way to add them to the next block they mine for a fee. Watch this space.

How much does it cost?
Our rebroadcasting service is free of charge. We may launch a premium paid service in the future.

Do you guarantee that my transaction will be confirmed?
Actually nobody can guarantee this as nobody owns the blockchain – by design. Whilst we may be able to help get your transaction processed, we provide no guarantees or timelines.

Can you accelerate my Etherium/Altcoin transaction?
Not today. Right now we’re solely focussed on Bitcoin transactions.

Please can you clear/process/confirm my transaction for me?
No, see the question above.

Can I advertise on your website?
Currently we are not placing adverts on the website and this project is self funded by a few individuals that want to help out the blockchain community.